So today I was faced with more disappointment as AF arrived. I just completed my second IUI and it was a bust! Everything was perfect and it ended up as a BFN! Then right before a lunch meeting, I get a call that two of my friends are pregnant. REALLY!! I am happy for them but reminded of my heartbreak. So I drove to my RE and chatted with her. She suggested that we skip our last IUI (it is a package where we pay for 3 IUIs and 1 IVF). So if I don't use the last IUI, I lose it!

What would you guys do? She thinks it may be too much for me emotionally to handle another IUI, but I feel like there are no guarantees with IVF either. I am so confused. I told her that I wanted to get as aggressive as possible if I move on with the third IUI. She said we can add in follistem. Thoughts ladies??