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Thread: How many years did you try before finally conceive

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    Default How many years did you try before finally conceive

    Well in 7 months i am going to be 30 my Man and i got to the bottom of things that were causing Problems and we are still wanting to have kids but we have been trying for 9 1/2 years and two miscarriages later I am still not pregnant and no one wants to text me to find out what the problem or problems are and what to do for them. How many years did it take you to finally conceive and carry full term? it is frustrating and sadding at the same time cause all the other young girls in my family are getting pregnant just like that Even my cousins girlfriend gets pregnant real Easy. I am going to talk to my man tonight and see what we should do I have cut caffeine out this cycle except on mothers day I had a Starbucks drink and I also cut caffeine out for next cycle in case that is causing me to miscarry and not conceive again. My first miscarriage was November 15th 2011 when i was 5 weeks pregnant and the last one was December 17th 2012 at 7 weeks. I read up last week That caffeine Might have been the cause of my miscarriages. I have lost some weight as well. Caffeine was the only thing I have not tried to give up until now to see if that was causing these issues
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    I pretty much eliminated everything that "could" be a problem or is supposed to be limited during pregnancy. It took us about 6.5yrs to conceive and we ended up using a RE and medications to get and stay pregnant. I carried my daughter till almost 38 weeks when I was induced.

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    Tee-ah what all should be eliminated or limited during pregnancy I am taking notes so that was i have a better chance of carrying ful term. I know being and staying healthy is a must also I am taking prenatal vitamins

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    Have you had your progesterone checked? Many women miscarry because of a thin lining. Progesterone would be prescribed for use from the 3rd day past ovulation until you start your next cycle. I take it every month (even though my lining is good). Also, I will tell you that DH and I have been TTC for over 7 yrs and I am so glad we made the decision to move on to an RE. We had to prioritize things in our life, but we took a loan out to do 3 IUIs and one IVF. I just know that I am no longer willing to wait. I am hoping to have good news within the next few months. We are all here for you!

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    I agree with checking the progesterone. But cutting caffeine is a good start. We tried 6 years before having our son via IVF. All that time, we only got pg naturally once and lost it. Hang in there. I'd definitely consider seeing an RE. There's so much they can tell from testing. It could be as simple as taki a progesterone supplement. Good luck!
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    I am very sorry about your losses. It took us 4.5 years and 2 miscarriages to get us where we are now-11 weeks pg with what seems to be a sticky little bean. I also went to a RE and this pregnancy required meds and IVF. Have you been to a RE to have your hormone levels checked? Sometimes all it takes is the right medication. Also, cutting out anything that might negatively impact fertility and pregnancy, and doing all you can to support a healthy pregnancy. I went all natural/organic, did yoga 4x/week, acupuncture, and lots of supplements. Once you have testing and know what is going on, it is easier to know what to do to improve fertility and support a healthy pregnancy. Good luck to you!

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    I have thought about getting my hormone levels checked I have not looked in to an re though. I have been trying to get the doctors up here to check things out but they have refused. there is one obygn that was interested in checking but i thought i would call and ask if i could have the next highest does of clomid as he started me out with the lowest does. I want to wait to see what happens this cycle.if nothing works i will talk to my man about adopting and if he doesn't want to adopt i will just be pooh out of luck for having kids which will be heart breaking
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    I cut out caffeine, alcohol during the entire cycle, not just after ovulation, slept better, exercised, ate healthy and as much fresh and organic food as possible, cut out all junk (sweets, salty things, any restaurant food.)

    I also had all my hormone levels checked at the RE and needed medication to help my progesterone. Clomid helped but after a few cycles it was not worth the agony it caused me and we tried other meds that worked better. I also needed medication to help my prolactin levels and thyroid and metformin. Once I was pregnant, I needed ASA/lovenox, metformin and progesterone till 14 weeks and I stayed on my thyroid medication the whole pregnancy. I also took prenatals and extra folic acid. I was a high risk pregnancy due to multiple reasons.

    I think you need to find something you're comfortable with and stick to it. Find a RE as OB's don't specialize in this sort of thing and an RE will be better for the long run, especially with 2 losses and 7 years of trying.

    We worked with our OB for a year or so and used clomid through him and he also did my DH's first SA but after that we used the RE. Once I was established there and had the appropriate testing things were a lot smoother and as soon as I got pregnant, things went better and communication was A 1000X better than the OB office for beta's and early ultrasounds. They are much more compassionate and the nurses are very understanding too.

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