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    Everyone in my family is getting pregnant left and right, I have been struggling for 9 1/2 years and suffered 2 miscarriages in the process. I am just so upset I thought i would have one or 2 kids by now. I am happy for them even though it is hard,and also people keep asking me when are we going to have kids and we tell them when the time is right. but so far all i got was two stupid miscarriages great just my luck.I did take a fertility test the at home ones and it showed i still have good reserves, so why do i have so much trouble getting pregnant and not carrying full term. I want to get my levels I just don't know if there is an re in the city that is 70 some miles away.

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    I am so sorry.

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    My RE is about 80miles away but some insurance will cover your mileage but I am not sure if yours will. Good Luck and I get those questions too because of every family function we go to, almost every weekend, and they all always ask but I found when I told my MIL about our troubles, all the questions stopped or slowed down. Not sure if she told everyone or if she just stopped asking herself but not many ask anymore so maybe that's an option for you.

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    Some planned parenthoods also do fertility testing and IUI's. Don't know if that's any closer than you.
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