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Thread: Ovulate to late?

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    I am new at using the ovulation kits. I have read many many many articles online. Some say the ovulation kits detect you are starting to ovulate others say you are ovulating. Here is my situation...
    I started my period on March 6th and finished on March 9th. I have a 4 day period from start to finish. From the last day of my period to the first day of my next was 34 days.
    I started my period on April 13th and finished on April 16th. I have a 4 day period from start to finish.
    Saturday May 10th, I got a sharp pain for about 2 hours on and off on my left side. I used a Walgreens Ovulation Strip Testing Kit to test if I was ovulating. DING DING DING FINALLY POSITIVE!! (Saturday and Sunday I had little white floatings in my urine, which I read is something to do with getting ready to ovulate.) This would be 25 days from the last day of my period.
    I should start any time from today May 16th to Sunday May 19th.

    A couple questions..
    1. When is my accurate cycle days? From first day of period to the next first day of period? OR is it from the last day of my period to the first day of the start of the next period?
    2. When the ovulation strip reads positive, am I ovulating or is that showing my LH surge and I will be ovulating with in the next 24 hours?
    3. Do I count the days till ovulation from the last day of my last period or from the first day?
    4. MOST IMPORTANTLY.... Are my chances to get pregnant lower if I ovulated on Saturday and I should start anywhere from 5 to 8 days after I ovulated?

    PLEASE HELP this is very confusing.

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    If you go over in the ttc room of this forum, which gets a lot more traffic too, there are some great posts (at the top) which will help answer your questions! It also has a whole lot of tips too! GL!
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