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Thread: I think i am pregnant

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    Default I think i am pregnant

    I have puked a few times now, have some short, sharp pains in my lower belly, feel tired a lot, have headaches, get dizzy, have cravings for pepperoni pickle pizza. I don't know why pepperoni pickle pizza but it is so good. I have been crammpy and sore all over, and my boobs omg they sometimes feel like an invisible person is trying to rip them off. Some times they don't hurt so bad but still enough I can feel them. What do you guys think?

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    Sharp pains are not a typical pregnancy symptom. The only way to know is to test after you have missed a period. You did not mention where you are in your cycle, but if you are late, POAS and see what happens.

    Best of luck!

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    There are some symptoms of pregnancy but you have to tell us about your periods. Then it will clear that you are pregnant of not..

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