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    I haven't had a period since April but I sometimes go a few months without one. I have looked up pregnancy symptoms awhile ago and I seem to have some of them but the women in my family it usually takes two years to even get pregnant. I don't know if I am or not. Anyone have some advice for me?

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    Take a test the dollar store sells them and they are accurate.

    One thing i do know though you cant judge your "fertility" on your family history, apparently my family the women take forever to get pregnant and suffer a couple miscarriages before one sticks, but the first month we tried we were successful and am having a boy next month!

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    I second taking a test.
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    I have taken two in the last two months. I talked to my friend who now has her second child and she said some women don't know til they are 3 to 4 months pregnant. I am going to the doctors to have a blood test done. Do you think that will give me a correct answer on if I am or not? I am just worried cause I am living with my mother and my fiance is bad with money.

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    A blood test will give you a definite answer. When was the last time that you took a urine test? If it has been two weeks you could test again.
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    I last took one last Monday but my appointment is this next wensday so I will wait til then

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