Well yesterday we had a visit with the grandma lady that decided to keep her petition for custody active in case she decided to go through with it. She didn't call and didn't show up...again. She's had the opportunity for at least 8 visits since Jan and has only been there for 3. I guess maybe she's decided not to go through with it after all, and I feel weird about it. Of course, there's a part of me that's really glad she didn't show because that tells me she doesn't want to interfere which I think is probably a good thing, but I wish she would have called or something so I didn't have to wake baby girl up from her nap and rush to get there on time. And I guess it's also a good thing if she does decide to go for custody because it seems unlikely they'll grant her custody if she can't even show up or call for an hour every other week. She picked the time too...oh well.

It also makes me feel weird because we've told her that we'd like to have some sort of relationship with them (as long as it's a positive experience for all involved), assuming we get to adopt, because we want to allow the siblings to have a relationship if they want. But knowing that she no calls no shows so often I'm worried that when the baby is older that could be a huge let down for her. So...I don't know. Mixed feelings about it all. Just seems like she isn't taking it seriously. When I see her in person I really like her and I think she's a great person and we get along great but when she does stuff like this, I don't know what to think...it's just rude. I don't live close to DSS either. It's a good 30 minutes away for us. Oh and I spent a while before the visit when I could very well have been doing something else (the work never ends of course) getting pics together for her brother. Then no one showed and I didn't have anyone to give the pics to. I'm kind of tired of making such an effort for everyone involved in this situation. Ugh! Okay, vent/rant over! Lol.