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Thread: Nausea: You can't be serious!

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    Question Nausea: You can't be serious!

    I had a very bad month from weeks 7 to 11, but then bounced back and was feeling GREAT. As long as I ate every 4 hours, I have been feeling fine (and lucky).

    However, for the past day and a half, I have been feeling so sick. I get the urge to cough and am met with dry heaves. I don't get it! I thought I was in the clear, and BAM! I am back to feeling icky.

    Is this normal? I am anxiously awaiting the end of the first tri and (hopefully!) the end of feeling like this.

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    Idk..this is my first time dealing with MS out of 4 pregnancies so I hear ya. I was hit pretty hard at 6 weeks, but have been feeling pretty good these past few days. The thing thats really helping me out is lemon water, fresh squeezed lemonade, and/or sour strawberry belts. Something about that sour lol. Hope you start feeling better soon!
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    My MS was really bad from 4-7 weeks and it disappeared very suddenly. I called my doctor because I was concerned and she told me that MS can go away suddenly but it can also come back suddenly though it usually goes away for good around 14-16 weeks. Is there a possibility you have a cold/allergies causing post nasal drip? I can get gaggy on that even when I'm not pregnant. Hope you get some relief soon!
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