I inserted the 4 tablets vag at 7pm last night (800mcg total)...and other than some burning/twinges that I always get when I use meds/epo vaginally I haven't responded at all (almost 14hrs). My cervix is firmly closed and I can feel the meds...they haven't completely dissolved but I'm assuming that's the left-over inactive ingredients since it's formulated to be digested not dissolved.

Anyone need a second dose of the 800mcg vag to get things going?

I was wondering if this was going to happen...took 3x the usual dose of cervidil (after prepping my cervix with laminaria rods) to get things moving with my 2nd tri losses. Even f/t they have to give me the max dose of pitocin for the longest amount of time for my body to respond.

My biggest concern is hemorrhage...with my last two natural m/c and for most of my births I hemorrhage. When I'm induced whether for a loss or f/t the bleeding is even worse and usually requires pitocin and several days of methergine pills to keep it under control (they give me an initial shot of methergine and send me home with the pills).

I was hoping the first dose of misoprostol would be the nudge my body needed since I'm already bleeding but I'm concerned if we give it more than a nudge I'm going to hemorrhage.

I'm hoping to talk with the nurse this morning about it.

Thanks for letting me ramble ladies !!