Ive been feeling off and on nauseas and lightheaded for about 5 days now. Three days ago I got so dizzy I had to lay in the floor for an hour before I could get up again without falling over and when it was over I gelt so drained like it sapped all of my energy and strength. When I went to work the next day someome had made some food that smelled really strong. I thought I was going to throw up and for the rest of the time my stomach would cramp. The dizziness was manageable. Early in the day yesterday I had the same issue but by the afternoon I was fine. Now this morning I feel so tired. My stomach is cramping a little. My cycle just ended last week so I dont think I am pregnant but everyone else around me thinks I am and that really bugs me because if Im not I feel like I would be dissappointing them. I know it is too early for a pregnancy test so not sure what to do. Especially since I am getting married in a week.
Please give me some insight.