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    I'm not sure what I need at this point. I started weaning DD2 (19m) yesterday kind of on a whim. I wasn't totally prepared for it, but kinda went with it. Basically, I am becoming frustrated with the way in which she is asking for milk. We can be anywhere and she will say milk and reach inside my shirt and try to pull my breast out, sometimes successfully. It can be kind of embarassing, but I know that is not a good reason to wean. I had also been considering weaning her because she doesn't always sleep well at night- not terribly but not well. And because I've been wanting to try medication for ADHD and don't feel comfortable doing that while breastfeeding. I'm just tired of losing things and forgetting things and it taking me forever to get anything accomplished. It felt like the right decision at the time but now I'm second-guessing it and SAD. I know that my hard breasts are contributing but also DD2 seems sad. So, I'm considering letting her nurse until 2. But, my fear is that she will be harder to wean at that point. My DD1 was weaned at 18m because I got very sick with a flu while pregnant with DD2 and I got concerned and frankly tired. And she is awesome. Any support/guidance would be appreciated.

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    My dd is 20m and I'm feeling similar. I want to wean for a number of reasons, but the idea makes me sad. I don't think it will be harder at 2. I think the older they get the more likely it is they will wean on their own. That is my experience with my others anyway. I only had one who nursed passed 2.

    I have been trying to at least cut down on the number of times a day she nurses. I think 2-3 would be ideal, moring, nap and bedtime. If we are busy she won't ask. But if we are just putzing around at home she asks all day long, dozens of times it feels like. I try to offer her something else, either food or water or some activity to distract her because I think she nurses when she's bored. And she does still wake at least once most nights. I'm considering having dh get up with her at night to break that night nursing, we did that with #5 and she did eventually sleep through, eventhough she was the one who nursed until almost 2.5.

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