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    My youngest and LAST baby, Liam, has started the final stages of weaning. He is not at all interested in nursing during the day, very mildly interested in nursing in the morning when he wakes up but only about 50% of the time, and continues to avidly nurse at bedtime. I think that we are rapidly approaching the end our our BF journey. On one hand, I would love to get my body back but on the other hand, this is my last baby and I won't ever have a BF relationship with a baby of mine again.

    I BF my DS1 for 22.5 months- he was such a booby boy, it nearly drove me nuts as he was never an efficient nurser and never went more than 2.5-3 hours b/t feedings even as toddler. But, mostly, I loved it.

    Admittedly, I kinda expected the same thing of DS2, but he has been such a different child. Weaning was emotional for me with DS1, but I always knew that I would have another baby and would get to BF again. This time, that is not so.

    DS1 has significant medical and behavioral needs which make having a third child out of the question- I know that I could not be the kind of patient, loving mommy that I want to be and manage 3 children, one with special needs. So, we are most definitely DONE with having children.

    Just makes me sad.... though I am very happy that I have have worked hard and been able to maintain a strong BF relationship for 22.5 months with DS1 and 13+ months with DS2. I am very proud of those accomplishments and how my body has provided them both with a "perfect for them" nutritional and nurturing start to their lives. So I am trying to focus on that and also enjoy every moment of BF that is yet to come with DS2. Hoping for a few more months of at least nursing at bedtime. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks for listening.


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    You did a great job!

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    Totally understand. DD (2.5) just weaned from night nursing. I look forward to getting my body back but I'm mourning our BFing closeness and knowing I may not have another child makes me very sad.

    You did an awesome thing for your babies and that is definitely something to be proud of.
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    You've done an amazing job!

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