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    Is it possible to implant without any cramping? I'm 9 DPO today and haven't had a single cramp. Looking back on both pregnant and non-pregnant charts it is pretty unusual for me to not have had some kind of cramping by this point. I guess I'm hoping it is possible so I can see that BFP soon.

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    I have never cramped with implantation but when I'm not on progesterone I get watery cm around 7-9dpo .
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    I have never cramped or had implantation bleeding in all 4 of my pregnancies

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    I have only had 1 pg where I had early implantspotting. The rest of pg's with spotting later at 11 - 12 days I mc'd. I have never noticed any type of implantation cramping. So I think it is very normal not to have impalnt cramping or bleeding.

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    I didn't have any cramping or spotting when I implanted with Maddy. I did have very very slight spotting (light brown tinged CM with this pregnancy but I don't remember cramping.)
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    With my first I didn't have any spotting and that's how I knew that I was pregnant. I don't remember any cramping or spotting with any of my pregnancies around implantation time.
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    I didn't have any cramping or spotting.
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    I haven't ever had implantation spotting but I always cramp mid LP regardless of pregnant/not pregnant so it's kind of throwing me off a little. Hoping it's a positive thing!

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