Hi all, i am so confused, on Jan 9th 2013 i got to know im pregnant , but at the end of the month i got to know the babys' growth has stopped and i got the baby miscarried on Feb 12 , on the investigation i got to know i was sufring from herpes infrction which affected my babis growth and got treted which thankfully is now subsided, Doc asked me to try again , i got my periods on 12 th april and i was given a dosage of Clomid 100 mg day and night for 5 days, futher to 2 injections in my stomach, which showed later 2 eggs in my right ovary and 1 egg in my left ovary size 20-22, the day after i was given HCG injection, im expecting my periods today but did not have, i have feeling but no periods, u think im pregnant??? im so confused, ive sore breast (which i thought was due to HCG injection_, i feel bloated gassy and also having joint pains!!please help me out!!eagerly waiting to check as doc asked me to check on 14th!!CANT WAIT!