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Thread: Anyone used ovufriend to get pregnant?

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    Default Anyone used ovufriend to get pregnant?

    Hi, I decided to start charting again. this is my cycle 11 trying for another one and i'm getting frustrating again My friend invited me to a new website ( and she said that it must be good, because she got pregnant after one cycle there...probably she was just lucky, but wondering whether you have tried it out? it looks better than ff (i used to be addicted to ff...) and it's for free (beta testing?).

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    I was using ovusoft when I got pregnant with the baby I lost between the girls. It honestly wasn't any different to me than using FF and the only reason I used it at the time was because I didn't have internet at the time and my mom gave me the program.

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    So sorry about your loss i know what you feel...
    I've never used ovusoft, but i was addicted to FF trying for my first one. Now i fell in love with ovufriend. The only thing I'm afraid of is that I will think too much about TTC and it will not help...but on the other hand I'm thinking about it anyway!

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    Anyone else?

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