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    Question Probably too hopeful

    So yesterday morning, I wake up with a little bit of stomach pains *my hubby and I "did the deed" 3 days prior* and I was bleeding *lightly*. Figuring it was that time of the month, I grabbed my tampons *sorry if it's TMI* Later that day, I removed it to find hardly anything on it and I was completely done bleeding! I'm not sure what is going on...talked with one of my fellow coworkers *a nurse* and she said to give it a week and see what happens.
    We are wanting another little one so bad...I think I am just too hopeful
    Any advice would be great...and Thank you!!

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    When was your last period? Are you late?

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    I'd be about on time. I had what I thought was my first period when I was preggers with my first son, but some say that it was implantation bleeding *which lasted 2 days*.

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    If you're late for your period then a preg test should be accurate...I would definitely test . The bleeding could be implantation or if you ovulated later than usual it could be that or it could just be a crazy light cycle...our bodies sure can be aggravating sometimes !

    (((Hugs))) hope you get an answer for sure soon ! Keep us posted!!
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    Well today I had a few wipes of that brownish stuff you usually get at the end of your cycle...but I had nothing yesterday and it was only noticeable on a few wipes today and then again, nothing. I'm afraid to I will wait a little longer. I just don't want this to be another disappointing negative

    I will keep you posted

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    Not much advice I could give here given what has been said, just wanted to wish you good luck and that you get that positive!! :hugs :

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    Well I did end up starting to lightly bleed on Monday and Tuesday and then that brownish stuff today...
    We just want another baby and it doesn't seem like my body is wanting to cooperate

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    Thank you =)

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