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    I've been on alesse bcp for two years. After finishing up my placebo pills, I realized I ran out and want able to get a presciption til three days later- making me miss three pills in a row. Before that, I had never missed any. Four days after taking pills, I had unprotected sex. I think I ovulated the day after and four days later, (cervix is low and hard) I feel lower abdomen pain a lot (hours). Since my three missed bcp, I have taken ten pills. Could my body be having pregnant symptoms because I've missed three bcp or is it more likely I'm pregnant?

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    I think it's unlikely you're pregnant but not impossible. It may be too early to take a pregnancy test so I'd wait a week then test but don't stop taking your pills.

    (((Hugs)))...I hope you get a definite answer soon !!!
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    I really hope you're right. Thanks so much. My pain has gone away but that doesn't say much. I plan to take a test a few days before AF. Thanks again.

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    Did you miss your period on the placebos?

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    I had my period during the placebos.

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