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Thread: Does this sound like implantation or after ovulation pain?

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    Default Does this sound like implantation or after ovulation pain?

    I missed three alesse birthcontrol pills and after four days of taking them again, I had unprotected sex. A day after I had sex, I think I ovulated because I had lower abdomen pain and my cervix was high and soft. However, now being four days later, I am having more pain in that same region except my cervix has dropped. I never ovulate when I take my pills the correct way so could my body be responding to the days I missed the three pills- making me have a noticeable painful after ovulation? Or does this sound like implantation? Thanks.

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    For me, ovulation pain is only on one side or the other and it's a sharp, pinchy kind of pain. With implantation it's in the center and more of a dull cramping. I'm sure it's probably different for everyone but that's my experience .
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    Do you know if implantation were to occur if the cervix would stay up rather than fall low?

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    It sounds like you need to wait it out and take a pregnancy test. We can't just tell you that you are pregnant. It doesn't work that way. If you don't want to be pregnant you either need to consistently take your birth control, use condoms, or not have sex at all. If you're really worried, then go see your doctor.

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