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    Ive been feeling off and on nauseas and lightheaded for about 5 days now. Three days ago I got so dizzy I had to lay in the floor for an hour before I could get up again without falling over and when it was over I gelt so drained like it sapped all of my energy and strength. When I went to work the next day someome had made some food that smelled really strong. I thought I was going to throw up and for the rest of the time my stomach would cramp. The dizziness was manageable. Early in the day yesterday I had the same issue but by the afternoon I was fine. Now this morning I feel so tired. My stomach is cramping a little. My cycle just ended last week so I dont think I am pregnant but everyone else around me thinks I am and that really bugs me because if Im not I feel like I would be dissappointing them. I know it is too early for a pregnancy test so not sure what to do. Especially since I am getting married in a week.
    Please give me some insight.

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    What is your typical cycle length? If you run a normal cycle then it is highly unlikely you would be pregnant. You can test about 6 days before your periode is due but other than that sorry you just have to wait it out. Could it be a virus?
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    If you are pregnant it would have had to be from last cycle (some women still have a period their first few months of pregnancy) and you'd definitely be able to to get an accurate result on a pregnancy test.

    I think it's unlikely that you're pregnant .

    (((hugs))) praying these symptoms resolve for you soon! I would imagine you're already under a lot of stress with finalizing wedding plans ! Maybe take some time for yourself to just relax before the big day...get a pedi/mani and a massage or treat yourself at home with take out, a hot bath, and a good book .

    Thinking of you!! Congratulations on your up-coming wedding !!!

    Keep us posted!
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    Thank you.

    Well the nausea and dizziness is gone for the most part but I have been feeling little twinges almost

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    Thank you.

    Well the nausea and dizziness is gone for the most part but I have been feeling little twinges almost like muscle cramps in my stomach. And am super sleepy.
    I will just have to wait this out.
    No other symptoms or problems though.
    My cycle was normal at first but it ended too soon. And I was cramping more than usual. Ended up with a horrible migraine at the end too.
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    Oops please ignore that above. My laptop hiccuped and posted half the message. :/
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    Well an update. I feel like im having menstrual cramps but I feel it in my lower back instead of stomach. I havent felt that since high school.

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