Hi every, I am really confused. Lately my fiance has been waking up with an upset stomach and nausea. She doesn't throw up but just doesn't feel like eating sometimes and generally this feeling goes away within a few hours. Sometimes it's almost all day. She also has started feeling like gagging when she brushes her teeth. I know these symptoms are a symptom of being pregnant. Morning sickness, also she feels thirsty a lot. I don't know if that is a symptom or not, I have read that but not sure how reliable. The thing is, just last week she had her period. It was a little different than normal. It came a day later and usually its heavy for 4 days light for 2. This time it was heavy the first 2 and light the last 4. We have had a couple scares before when her period decided to become abnormal and bought pregnancy tests twice. So we are like, we don't want to get one unless there is a big reason, like missing a period. But the way she has been feeling is really confusing. I have read about how stress can make someone feel like that, but it's been going on since right around when her period started which would be 12 days ago. She works 2 jobs and is a full time college student. Plus we both live with my mom because she recently lost her job and needed help. So what I'm asking is should we be worried and get a test? Should we wait until the next time she should get her period? I'm confused as to if this sounds more like stress related or pregnancy related. Thank You.