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Thread: I need to know if I'm pregnant as swoon as possible. Answers please?

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    Default I need to know if I'm pregnant as swoon as possible. Answers please?

    Well me and my boyfriend hasn't had sex yet. But we did mess around. Like he rubs his **** on me. That's about it. But I do wipe his precum off. & he did not cum near me. He cummed on a towel. My last period was on april 9th. of last month to the 14th. But my stomach has been hurting on the left side for a week. We did it on april 26, Friday. & my stomach has been hurting since Monday april 29. & today is Sunday may 5 & it is still hurting. Sometimes it feels like I need to throw up. But it doesn't make me. & I haven't yet. & I kinda have the gas. & that's it. Can someone please help me?? My mom said that something could be wrong with my stomach. Help me!

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    If you guys didn't have actual sex, then it would be extremely rare for you to be pregnant. Not impossible, but very close to impossible. I would get the pain checked out if it continues. I had gall bladder issues last year, and it hurt on my left side. Sometimes it would make me nauseated, and I was also very gassy. If you're worried that you're pregnant, you could go to the dollar store and get a $1 pregnancy test and take it. However, if the pain is really that bad I would get it checked out. I would be very surprised if you're pregnant though. I hope you get your pain figured out, and get what you're hoping for. Remember to always be as safe as possible in the future! Even if you're just messing around. Good luck with everything!
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    It could be ovulation or possibly a cyst...definitely get it checked out as soon as possible. It is extremely unlikely that you're pregnant (((hugs)))...hoping you get answers soon !! Keep us posted.
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