This might sound completely weird but I just had to tell you ladies here because I think you'll get it. All along through everything happening with baby girl we've in a way wondered if maybe she was the baby that we lost when I miscarried. She was born when our baby was supposed to be born and there were just so many little things that made us wonder. We always believed that our baby would come back to us somehow, and it's definitely true that if I'd carried to term we wouldn't be here with her now. So...we've always wondered. Well today we looked up the name we call her. It's just a nickname for the name her mom gave her so we never really thought of it as a real name but it's what we've always called her and what she responds to and what we've come to know her as. Well, my dad looked it up and told me it was a real given name. Lol. And told me I should look it up. So I did, and it turns out that it means "reborn" or "to rise again". Now, maybe I'm nuts but that just seems insane to me (in an awesome way of course) that that's what the name we call her means. We've always said it suited her oddly and didn't know why. Just had to put that out there because it blew my mind when I looked it up. I hope all of these crazy things that have happened aren't just coincidence and that they're signs somehow that she's meant to be with us forever. I won't believe that completely though unless/until her last name is changed to ours. moment today.