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    This is a long sad story or I can make it briefly.
    I met a guy back in March, and the first time we together I got pregnant. Of course I discovered this in April, since I am in China this is still a traditionally need marriage to make sure baby's Id registration etc. I was gonna give up, I went to the hospital at the end April, I had B super and I found out I had twins inside me and I hesitated I want to keep them.
    I did all I could to be a good mom, and for the guy's side, he told his mum that I am pregnant which I choose not to tell my parents. sooner I felt like their family is not willing to take all the responsibility for the wedding. For stupid tradition,guy's family have to do most effort. My family is financially far better than theirs so I have to put up all pressure they can't give any normal family could give me. And now which upsets me is I felt like they are thinking maybe I am carrying their baby so they can be worse and doing even less to have me and babies,
    next day I went to the hosipital and did abortion on my own.
    I am sad to lose my babies but I am not regret for my choice. It hurts that I may never have a twin babies anymore and sad I didn't hang on and ignore everybody to go thru to have the baby.

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    I'm very sorry for your loss.

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