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Thread: ACE - Have you heard about it?

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    Default ACE - Have you heard about it?

    Message me for details. There have been so many that have lost so much weight off of this or just get their energy back. Its $2.00 for a sample and $60 for a bottle, you can buy smaller amounts though. Just read up on it and message me for details. This is the natural way of kick starting your diet!

    P.S. Tried to load brochure here but I can't seem to do it here. Send me your email and I can email it to you!

    Tripp Layne & Kentin Major 5/21/2010

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    I hope someone will message for a sample. Every sample I have handed out so far, they have messaged me for a bottle that same day. Gives you tons of energy and suppresses your appetite but no jitters!!! I'm telling you this makes such a huge difference and its all natural.

    Tripp Layne & Kentin Major 5/21/2010

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