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Thread: I need to know if I'm pregnant as soon as possible. Answers please?

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    Default I need to know if I'm pregnant as soon as possible. Answers please?

    Well me and my boyfriend hasn't had sex yet. But we did mess around. Like he rubs his **** on me. That's about it. But I do wipe his precum off. & he did not cum near me. He cummed on a towel. My last period was on april 9th. of last month to the 14th. But my stomach has been hurting on the left side for a week. We did it on april 26, Friday. & my stomach has been hurting since Monday april 29. & today is Sunday may 5 & it is still hurting. Sometimes it feels like I need to throw up. But it doesn't make me. & I haven't yet. & I kinda have the gas. & that's it. Can someone please help me?? My mom said that something could be wrong with my stomach. Help me!

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    If there is anything from him near your vagina there is a low possibility of pregnancy so I would encourage you to prevent that from happening in the future. I would go see a doctor since you've been having stomach pain for about a week now that isn't going away. Generally pain is not a sign of pregnancy.
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    Okay thank you so much. I think I am just stressing about it too much!

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