So I have read just about every word of info on this matter I can get my hands on but I still would really really like help from some people on here. I would like to know or have you guys or girls shed some light on my situation. My gf and I have had sex with out protection and there is a chance that she could be pregnant. Today is the 33 day since her last period she is usually on a 26-28 day cycle. Last weekend she showed and felt all the signs of her period but nothing ever came. I've done A LOT of research of what to look for what to expect, how long you should wait to take a hpt what's to early vs proper time. So on to the details. She's 5-7 days late 33 days since her last cycle. She has gone through some changes and has been Really stressed about school. She used to be really athletic and now she doesn't really play anymore she used to have her cycle matched up with her room mate then she became not nice so they stopped hanging out as much so shes not there and she started a new antibiotic. I'm just wondering if any or all these could cause a late period? Also she has taken 4 hpt's and one urine test from planned parenthood over the past 7 days 1 Tuesday (neg) 1 Wednesday (neg) and PP urine test Wednesday (neg) then 2 yesterday the 4th (both negative). I know I've read you can test too early but all of the according to peeonastick.com have all taken place outside of the 19 day range (20, 21,24)for opertune testing times. Where there should be enough hcg in the urine to make it positive. She has been having slight cramping(about 30 min yesterday morning), but no bleeding, the only time there was ever any bleeding was right after her last period about 3-4 weeks ago after we had been really active (but if that was implantation bleeding, after a month wouldn't there be physical signs that she is pregnant, Maybe a positive on one of the 5 tests?). I am sorry for the novel but I want to provide you guys with as much info I can so you can make the best answer you can.

Thank you in advance! Hopefully someone an shed some light! Please!