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Thread: DS does not want to stay at Granny's house

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    Smile DS does not want to stay at Granny's house

    Every time we visit MIL, DS whines and cries the whole time we are there. He says he just wants to go home. It does not matter how many toys we bring, how many electronic games we bring or that we can play their favorite shows on Netflix on MIL's computer. He just whines and whines and whines and wants to go home. DH typically spends the whole day working on one the rentals or doing yard work and comes inside to eat lunch. I spend the day confined in a small living room/kitchen with the kids. I cook a big meal and clean MIL's dishes, take out trash or whatever other housework she needs. And it is really irritating to listen to him. I get angry (obviously, that is not good). No matter how many times I explain it, he does not get that it hurts Granny's feelings when he says he does not want to be there. Or at least it does not appear to be getting through. I just sent him out to sit on the porch because I am so frustrated. DD is trying to get him engaged in something and make him feel better. He just sits there .... I am really not sure how to handle this. And I am probably not even thinking straight because I let my own frustration get better of me. I need mommy time out. Any suggestions?

    ETA .... Somehow I got a smiley face next to the title .... It was not intentional but maybe I just need to lighten up. Lol.
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