So my period started on Tuesday night =(
I was really bummed about it, but I'm back on track.
I also had my doctors appointment on Tuesday and my dr wasn't there. The stand in dr was nice, but really pushy about sending me off to a fertility clinic for an IUI if this next cycle doesn't work. My dr hadn't mentioned anything except making sure I got in for the blood work to make sure I was O'ing on the clomid (the first cycle I was sick and didn't make it in on day 21). He almost didn't give me a 3rd round because "theres a cap on how many times you can use it safely" and then wavered on if he should get fiance's sperm tested and if he should send me for an HSG...he finally gave me the papers for those too because he said the fertility clinic would want them done.
I SO wasn't prepared for this. We've been trying for 27 months now but in that time it's been VERY slow moving with doctors (come back in 3 months after you've tried to drop 20 lbs, etc.) I'm almost positive this wouldn't have been MY doctors decision but I'm thinking now that another doctor recommended it or whatever she will just go with that. The semen analysis is no big deal, and I'm POSITIVE that isn't the problem. We KNOW the problem lies with me not ovulating. If there was a blockage in my tubes or something wouldn't the blood work show that my body O'd? because I've had multiple blood draws done while unmedicated and it shows nada. I also test monthly with opks and they're almost always negative unless I am on clomid. This test totally scares the bejeezus out of me. I scheduled it and they booked me for Tuesday, but I backed out because I'm a big chicken. I have exams at the end of the month and it was FREAKING me out. So I am going to do it next month if clomid doesn't work this cycle. Hopefully I can speak to my own doctor before I do it and confirm that she wants it done. It's probably a good idea to get it checked out but I'm a big baby and that seems so invasive.

I ordered PreSeed and hopefully that gets here before I O. I'll start taking clomid tomorrow (CD 5-9). I also picked up Evening Primrose Oil and I've started drinking green tea...all of which are supposed to help with CM. I think I was supposed to start the EPO and green tea on CD 1 (stopping EPO on O day) but I didn't get around to the store until today (CD 4)...hopefully that doesn't make a huge difference in their effect. I am hoping that the only reason we didn't get pregnant last month despite the strong O was because there wasn't enough CM. Hopefully I can fix that =) We could definitely use the baby dust this cycle!