oh man.... we have a "problem." We've swaddled Natalie for naps and night time sleep since she was able to be swaddled. Since she started rolling, she has been moving around a whole lot in her crib. Meaning... when I come to BF her in the middle of the night she will have done a complete 180 reversing where her head and feet were! LOL Well, this morning when I went in there to get her, she had rolld onto her tummy and had wiggled enough to get her arm out of her swaddle. Now that she managed to roll over in her crib while swaddled I know we have to start working on NOT swaddling anymore and I scared! She's such a good sleeper and I'm scared that will change with not being able to swaddle her anymore :-/ Any advice on how to make this a smooth transition from parents who have BTDT? Encouraging stories about your own experience would be appreciated!!!