I just have a few questions..

AF should have started on april 30th, and I usually have PMS (out of this world) a week before AF shows, and DH is always there to take the fall Well, I don't have any symptoms of AF showing anytime soon and, as weird as it sounds, I try to feel some kind of AF symptom.. Don't get me wrong, I don't want anything more than to be pregnant right now! But we have been TTC for about 18 months, and I just can't face another BFN.
A little background info.. My husband just did a fertility test a month ago and we haven't heard from them yet. We joked that it was finally going to work after he got tested I went to a GYN two years ago, since two of my sisters have been diagnosed with PCO, and he said that everything was perfect. I plan to go back very soon, but I just wanted to ask you first and see if anyone has had it like this..

So I'm 3 days late, no signs of AF showing, no pregnancy symptoms. Did any of you have that when you got pregnant? and when should I test on a HPT?