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I had my tubal ligation with my last C-Section. The recovery was by far the easiest out of 3 C-Sections. I have had very awful AFs since then, however, so much that I have had uterine biopsies to rule out cancer, ultrasounds, bloodwork, and multiple offers by my OB to go back on the pill. This is not just a change from not remembering what is was like to not be on hormonal birth control, because I've gone without hormones and just used condoms in the past seven years.

Now, I have not been able to go for walks in regional parks during several days of the month because I leak through super tampons and through the pad below them every 20 minutes and there aren't bathrooms spaced closely enough on the trails. I don't get frequent enough breaks at work to deal with this issue. In the past year, it's gotten a little better, and I have discovered Super-Plus tampons (which I never knew existed), and I use a night-time pad for the breakthrough bleeding that invariably occurs when I can't change the tampons within 30 minutes during the heaviest days. My AFs last for 7-8 days, and come every 25 days. This month, for some horrible reason, I only got a week of no bleeding before it came again. On the bright side, everything has gotten incrementally better over the past year, aside from the discovery of extra-large tampons.

I was well-aware of post-tubal-ligation syndrome before I had mine. I thought it was more common with women who were more affected by hormonal fluctuations, and since I never had an ounce of PMS, I didn't think I was a candidate. I have not taken the birth control pills that were offered. I have also read that the problems tend to be most severe in the first 3 years following a tubal, and after 5 years there is no statistical difference between women who have had a tubal and women who have not, as far as symptoms go (to the best of my recollection). So, as I have said, there has been an unpleasant lifestyle impact on me, but it has been slightly lessened lately and I'm holding out hope that it will continue to get better. I'm also 43 and don't know if any of this might be related to perimenopausal changes.

In any case, I would probably opt for the vasectomy if I had to do it again. I would just set up the appointment and have my dh go, and not leave it in his hands to make the actual appointment.
^^^^^^ this exactly, I was actually shocked that your MW would say that those that suffered after a tubal would not know a moral AF because they took BC for so many of their adult years, there were many years I didn't take BC and I know exactly how bad my periods were and before my tubal mine were bad but not like after I had my surgery. I also had to take BC pills after my tubal because if how bad I bled and leaked thru tampons and it got to where I couldn't because of the amount of clots I passed during certain days like every 15 minutes running to bathroom to let them out massaging my belly to help it along it was horrible. Reversing was the best thing I ever did. 1 dr before my reversal wanted to do a hysterectomy it was so bad of which I told him to kindly go screw himself. No way thank god I didn't. Anyway GL which ever way you decide.