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    So with all the supplements I'm taking, I've just been taking them all in the morning with breakfast, rather than the" take one pill three times daily" crap, If I did that I'd never remember to take them. Anyway, my question us this: are they any less effective If I Jay take then all at once rather than listening to the bottle.

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    If I just take them all at once*** stupid Swype on my phone

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    Possibly. Depending on the supplements. Certain vitamins (water soluble ones) you can only absorb so much at one time and the rest is secreted. The reason to space the dosages is to maximize absorption. If you are taking them all at once then you are only absorbing so much and getting no benefit from the excess. They just get secreted. Fat soluble vitamins can be stored by the body. So, if the supplement says to take multiple times a day it is most likely one that can only be absorbed in specific amounts. Another thing to consider is that the body doesn't always process supplements efficiently, and it's better to try to get most vitamins and minerals from food. For many things raw food is a better source since cooking destroys many of the nutrients.
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    I do take mine throughout the day...not sure how much of a difference it makes to take them all at once .
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    Yeah the only things that I have that are supposed to be taken thought the day are royal jelly and grape seed extract. Well, crap, I'll never remember taking them after breakfast.

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