Hi ladies. We've had two unsuccessful back to back IUIs. I've only had one follie each time but DH has had 132 million and 176 million (post wash) swimmers so you would think one would have worked by now. So, I asked for my tubes to be checked to make sure something didn't get screwed up with the D&C. Back in February, I had a saline sonogram that showed 1 or 2 small polyps in an area where implantation shouldn't occur. My RE was not concerned at all and gave us the green light to proceed with the IUI.

Yesterday, the HSG showed my tubes were open but that it appeared there were now 8-10 small polyps. Let me back up and explain that I had an HSG done four years ago before DS and there appeared to be a large polyp or shadow on the HSG then too. They did a saline sonogram shortly afterwards and found nothing, so it really was a shadow. Given the fact that the saline sonogram in February only showed a couple of polyps and it is a more accurate test of the uterine wall, should I really trust what they saw on the HSG yesterday?

So here is my real dilemma. We've already taken Clomid this cycle and they upped my dosage to 150mg. It was supposed to be my last Clomid cycle before injectibles, which we were hoping to avoid. My RE says there are no concrete studies linking polyps to unsuccessful IUIs or miscarriage. She is fine doing the IUI this cycle and if ends up BFN, I would have surgery next cycle to remove the polyps.

DH and I are torn. On the one hand, we don't want to pay out of pocket for another IUI if the polyps would prevent implantation, but if we finally get more than one follie, the temptation to do the IUI is there to give us our best chances of conceiving. If we only get one follie, we are leaning towards turning down the IUI and doing timed intercourse instead. Or, we could abandon TTCing for the rest of this cycle and see if I could schedule the surgery before AF but that means a wasted Clomid cycle on what could have been our last attempt with Clomid.

I just don't know what to do. I've always dealt with my ovaries being the issue. It is completely devastating to me that now there is something wrong with my uterus too.

What would you do if you were me?