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    I should totally know this....DS is on an antibiotic for an ear infection. 10 day prescription, twice a day. Yesterday was the 10th day, but I have about 1/4 of the bottle (we got two bottles for the 10 days) left. Usually there's just a little bit left and I assume I measured a bit incorrectly. Am I supposed to finish the bottle or stop because he had 10 days already? TIA!

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    I think you're supposed to stop after the 10th day.
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    Yes, stopnafter the 10 days.

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    Yes, my son's last bottle had extra, too. The pharmacist told us to toss it after the 10th day.

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    you stop and toss out the remaining. sometimes their only option is to give you an amount that will end up with some leftover. usuallly they tell you that and then you know, but sometimes i am sure they just forget

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    Once they're old enough for pill form is usually when "take for 10 days or until gone" comes into play. They can count out the right amount. With the liquids our pharmacist has always made sure we knew that there will probably be some left and to toss it. We've had times where we have literally only needed one dose more and they've had to send a whole bottle for that one dose because they can't just add more to the first bottle, you know?

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    We've been told to toss after 10 days.
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    I have been told that pharmacists will sometimes add a little extra to account for any spillage. We always have extra too.

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    Yup, toss it after the ten days is up.

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