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We are not religious, so we don't pray. I grew up in a religious family, though, and we did pray before dinner each night when I was growing up. On regular nights, we generally said the Norwegian table prayer that is very common in Norwegian-American families, and then an unscripted prayer. On special occasions, for holiday meals or when we had extended family visiting, we held hands and sang the Doxology. We still do that when I'm with my parents for holiday dinners. That's something I really miss about not practicing a religion. I love the sound of us singing together, especially such comforting and well-known words and melody.

I've thought about incorporating a poem of general thanks before we eat, because I really want to practice gratefulness. As it is now, we do give thanks, in a way -- DH thanks me every night for preparing the food, and the girls also thank me. Sometimes we thank him in return for working hard to provide for us so we can have food to eat.

I used to manage a group home, and before dinner when everyone was at the table we would go around and say something that we enjoyed from our day or something we did to help someone else. It was a good way to encourage them to help and be nice to others as well as a good way to approach appropriate table conversation.