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    I was on the pill seasonique for 3 months but spotted the while time...just had a babes 7 months ago and started it after my 6 week.. Stopped after one month after missing it three days in a row... We decided we'd try again...was my pill working cause I took an ovulation test and had a LH surge when my body would naturally it's time for my real period and i am only lightly my normal ovulation should be next week due to my cycle... Can anyone help me...

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    Since you're only 7months pp and depending on whether or not you are/were bfing your cycles may take a while to get back to normal after bc. It's not unusual to have a light period or two after stopping bc, especially with seasonique since it's supposed to only give you a few periods per year.

    Seasonique can take up to a year to adjust to after starting it and has a high rate of break-through bleeding but it's effectiveness is equivalent to other hormonal bc. Did your dr recommend it? It's not the best to take short-term (because of the break-through bleeding and cyclical nature of it) and is meant for longer term contraception.

    Since you're posting here I'm assuming you think you may be pg...definitely take a test!! Since you're trying to conceive you're welcome to come join us in the ttc part of this forum...we'd love to have you! The ladies are supportive and will help answer any questions you have if they can.

    I hope that helps! I wasn't entirely clear on the timing of the details you gave but think I got the gist of it...let me know if I misunderstood something .

    Keep us posted!!
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