I have been on Seasonique for 3months. I do tend to forget to take my pill on time usually 1-3 hours later. On April 21 my husband and I had unprotected sex ( as we always do) but I forgot my pill and didn't take it until 14hrs later along with my "that day" active pill. On April 27th I had a very light pink discharge and only appeared twice that day. 28th- nothing, 29-30th brown watery discharge but only after I peed. Today its again real light pink with a lot of mucus like discharge. I however, did start my yellow placebo pills yesterday. I have had no breakthrough bleeding since the start of this BC but it could have been that. Symptoms I have had since 29th: lower back pain, mild cramp on lower left abdominal area, sore breast, I had a fever of 102.4 along with stuffy nose,sore throat yesterday now its all gone. My bleeding is not enough for a tampon and only occurs when I pee.