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Thread: Has my birth control Failed

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    I have been on Seasonique for 3months. I do tend to forget to take my pill on time usually 1-3 hours later. On April 21 my husband and I had unprotected sex ( as we always do) but I forgot my pill and didn't take it until 14hrs later along with my "that day" active pill. On April 27th I had a very light pink discharge and only appeared twice that day. 28th- nothing, 29-30th brown watery discharge but only after I peed. Today its again real light pink with a lot of mucus like discharge. I however, did start my yellow placebo pills yesterday. I have had no breakthrough bleeding since the start of this BC but it could have been that. Symptoms I have had since 29th: lower back pain, mild cramp on lower left abdominal area, sore breast, I had a fever of 102.4 along with stuffy nose,sore throat yesterday now its all gone. My bleeding is not enough for a tampon and only occurs when I pee.

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    No one?

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    I would test to be sure if you aren't taking birth control pills on time daily that would put you at higher risk for becoming pregnant. So yes it could have failed.

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    I have the same problem with the seasonique and the same thread is confused...please help...I have not gotten a period either...I however did have breakthrough bleeding the first set of pills...don't know if I'm pregnant period should have been now but like you said just mucusy discharge when I pee...if you get any answers let me know....

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    Have you tested? That would be my recommendation.

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    Test to be sure. Not taking it exactly as prescribed can also mess with your body, as can illnesses (that was a nice fever you had!) If you are NOT pregnant, and don't want to be for awhile, is it possible for you to set a daily alarm on your cell phone to remind yourself so you can avoid another oops?
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