My daughter is having a lot of trouble walking. It started last Saturday, April 20th with a slight limp that was barely noticeable. On Monday the 22nd her limp was prominent but she never said it hurt but she was very emotional and cried about everything. On a walk the next day she was really struggling and kept stopping, I also notice her hesitating to go up/down stairs or steps. She collapsed 2x on the walk and started saying her leg hurt and would point to her knee. By that evening she was constantly crying and barely walking or if she walked it was extremely wobbly and she would hold onto objects for support. Took her to the Ped the next morning (the 24th) and she could still barely walk...looked like she had jello legs. x-rays ordered for her left side since that was the leg she was pointing at....nothing came up as far as bone damage. Is was ruled a sprain knee and I was told to give IBprf for pain/swelling.

Here is the thing....she has only gotten much worse since being seen. She is unable to walk without some type of support and she literally looks afraid to take the next step. She is super happy to just lay down or sit in the stroller. I have now noticed that when she is laying on her back she cannot sit up on her own. she has resorted to trying to crawl to get around but even crawling looks weird and she wobbles and will fall over. I just feel like this is not her knee. Any suggestions??