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Thread: Ovulation day = boy or girl!

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    Default Ovulation day = boy or girl!

    I know all about x and y chrom and the shuttles method and all that, my question is when you conceived (ovulation day or how many days before) and if you had a boy or girl!! Thanks guys!

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    I don't put any stock in this at all...I conceived 3 babies on the same day, from the same IUI, and had 1 boy and 2 girls

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    I did IUIs with triggers for my first two pregnancies so same conception days. I had a boy the first time and twin girls the second time. I put no stock in it.

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    Didn't work for me. I purposely planned it for O day. I even used a digital O monitor. Had a girl! My other 2 girls I am not sure when they were conceived in relation to O.
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    Conceived on O day here too and got a girl.

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    I only know o day for 3 of mine--a boy and 2 girls. I even commeted to dh with the last one that it should be a boy as we only did it that one time anywhere around O. It wasn't

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    With my boys, we more than likely conceived very close to O day if not on it, but I'm just speculating because we weren't charting. Actually, I couldn't chart if I wanted to because in both cases I had a lot of mid-cycle bleeding, probably from coming off of the Depo shot. I just know that we were in the newlywed stage still, if you know what I mean.

    With DD, we last DTD about 5-6 days prior to O, and then again 2 days after. We weren't TTC at that time. She was a pleasant surprise.

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    I bought the book, read it front to back and guess what...with the Shettles method(and using ovulation strips and temping) i still got a girl. I have a feeling, this baby I am carrying is also a girl and I also did the same thing again.

    So I put 0 stock into it and 0 faith that it actually works.

    I 100% believe it is a 50/50 shot every time regardless of what you do!

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    Not sure on my second baby but my first was conceived two days before O.

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    For the two that I was temping I got the exact opposite. The day of = girl. The two days before = boy.
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    My friend did the Shettles method and didn't get the gender she wanted. She also ended up extra disappointed because it got her hopes up.

    The Shettles method has been debunked.
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    We conceived the day before I ovulated, and we have a son.

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    Shettles was way wrong this time. We DTD the day after O and conceived a girl!

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    Baby #1 I can't really say because we dtd like every day for a week & a half, until the ovulation test was negative. We didn't know anything about ttc, and I just came off of Ortho Evra. She is a girl.

    Baby #2 Dtd 2-3 days before O & couldn't again until after O. I'm sure of when I ovulated. He's a boy.

    Baby #3 Dtd on the day of O & 2 days after-girl

    Baby #4 Dtd ONLY the day of O, thought it might be too late, even. Boy.

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