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    Hello, I posted a few days ago just need to know if im crazy or pregnancy is possible in my case. Had sex while I was ovulating started my period as normal but it was not normal very light and ended shortly. Few days later I vomited. After this occurred I was feeling all the symptoms of pregnancy. After vomiting two Saturdays ago I woke up Monday morning with brownish/burgundy blood in my underwear lasted only two days on and off. Was this implantation? My next period is due in a week is there a chance I am pregnant? I honestly feel just with knowing my body well I am but going crazy here! Help

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    No, it wasn't implantation bleeding if it happened around the time your period was due (if your periods are regular). Implantation occurs about a week before your period is due, and implantation bleeding is very light, usually just a little spot of blood. Definitely not enough to last two days. Take a pregnancy test. I've you've already missed a period, it should be positive by now. If that actually was your period, then it's on to a new cycle and if you've had unprotected sex this cycle, it's too soon for a positive. If you test and get a negative, wait a week and test again. If you still get a negative and no period, see the doctor about a blood test.
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