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    How old were your multiples when you moved them out of their cribs? I'm trying to figure out whether to move Megan and Emma out before the baby arrives or just buy a third crib. They will be 25 months when the baby is born and we will use a bassinet in our room for the first couple months. I want to buy another crib my husband does not. My son was out of his crib by 2 so I don't have much to compare. They sleep great in their cribs and I don't want to screw that up but if they will likely be climbing out shortly after 2 I would rather not buy a new crib.

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    Well, one ds started jumping out of his crib a couple months before he turned 2. I was totally unprepared but moved him out very soon b/c I was afraid he'd get hurt. My other son loved his crib but I offered him a big boy bed in exchange for giving up his paci around 2.5. Honestly, they and I slept better during the crib era but after an adjustment period, life got much better. I'd try to keep them in cribs if they are content. Maybe you can pick up a spare from someone in your multiples group? Ours is helpful with things like that. Not sure if you are in a group, of course.

    Btw, congratulations on the next baby!!
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    Xander climbed out twice at 18 months, we got crib tents...those worked until the trio were 3. They went to toddler beds at that time, though I wish we had just gone to twins instead of toddler size. We had great nappers and they slept 12 hours through the night, I wasn't in a hurry to mess with that goodness. I had heard so many stories about naps and peaceful bedtimes going away with the cribs...and they were all true, at least for us.

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    I started to reply to this when you first posted, and then I got pulled away. Mine were never in cribs, but they moved into their own room and own bed around shortly after age 2. They also didn't like going to sleep, so I had to stay with them until they fell asleep. They were fully capable of climbing out of cribs by that point.

    I would say you have a couple of different ways to go that doesn't involve buying a new crib. Like Flynn08 said, multiples groups are a great way of getting gear on a short-term or longer term basis, if you want to keep them in cribs for longer. I full well know the dread of going to the next step of more chaos and difficulty and mayhem. Or you could get them new beds and get them used to it before the new baby comes (congrats!). TripMomma has a good point about going straight to twins instead of toddler beds. If your current cribs convert to toddler beds, though, you could use those for now and pretty easily justify another crib (hopefully obtained from a local group) and just wait until your baby needs it.

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    Thanks for all the responses. Still haven't decided what to do yet. I have tried to get free cribs from my local moms group but am always the second person to respond and don't get them. One was a mini crib which would have been ideal since we also don't know where the new baby will sleep after he/she outgrows the bassinet. Emma is a great sleeper but Megan is a lighter sleeper so I am hesitant to put the new baby in there. My 4 year old son is also a light sleeper and would have to move to the top bunk since the crib would need to go where the bottom bunk is currently. Trying to decide if he is ready to sleep on the top bunk. Our other empty bedroom is downstairs and none of the kids are ready to sleep alone down there yet. Any advice? At least I still have time to decide!

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    I just saw this. I don't have any experience with bunk beds (yet) but I bet you would get some answers in New Mom's. Too bad about trouble getting an extra crib- can you post a ISO message asking for anybody who wants to get rid of one. I seem stockpile unused items but I answer requests whenever I see them. GL!
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