Here's the situation in a nutshell: I'm looking into fertility monitors to help me NOT get pg again right away (for at least a year) after I have this baby.

Here's the longer version if you're interested: I've been down the list of possible contraceptive options and am down to condoms or DH getting a vasectomy (which is out because we aren't ready to say DONE done just yet and as long as there are other options out there he just won't do it anyway). DH is ok with condoms sometimes, but the idea of using them all the time, every time for the next 15+ years till I hit menopause is unappealing to him to say the least. I'm going to get, at the suggestion of some other moms on here, "Taking Control of Your Fertility" and work on charting which I discussed with my Dr at my appointment earlier this week. She thought it seemed like a good plan, but due to my highly irregular cycles, co-sleeping, being up with the other kids a lot at night, and having an active sex life (which can all throw the charting off) she suggested looking into a fertility monitor to help nail down ovulation and my fertility window (hoping for knowing up to 7 days before ovulation) more accurately. Since being taking of BC in October 2006 for side effects I've had 8 cycles that have resulted in 5 healthy pregnancies. I think it's important to note that we were NOT ever TTC and were only NPP for the first 2 pregnancies (3 cycles). After that I tried condoms, counting days, and attempting to learn more about my body cues/cycles through general internet research (out of 5 more cycles I got 3 more pregnancies). The book and charting will be new and hopefully more more informative and accurate and DH has agreed to condoms all the time for the first few months till I get get things more figured out. We do want at least one more child and there is no MEDICAL reason for me to slow down or stop getting pregnant right now (asked my dr this specific question because I've had so many so close together). Emotionally I think I would benefit from a little longer break though.

Soooooooo, after many hours of researching and reading reviews (because TBH I didn't have a clue what/how many products were out there or how any of them worked when I started this) I have decided this monitor looked the most appealing for my situation. It claims to be able to account for my irregular cycles. There are no test strips to continue to buy. I don't have to POAS every day/several times a day. I can use the charting program in conjunction with BBT, CM, and cervical position readings to get a *hopefully* very accurate picture of what's going on. The price ($330 for the bundle) is a little more than I had anticipated, but once I get it the only recurring cost is batteries so we've decided that would be reasonable if it works.
*If you have used/know someone that has used this monitor:
*Was it as easy as they say?
*Was it accurate?
*How does it compare with other products or methods?
*Would you recommend it given what you know about my situation?
*Is there something different you feel I should look into that might be a better fit?
*If you haven't used it but have some experience with NFP/charting or TTC (as I do not):
*Does the information provided seem logical?
*Knowing what you do about my situation do you think (and I know this will be pure opinion) this would be a good fit for us?
*Is there anything else I can tell you that would make it easier to give an opinion on that?
*Is there something else you feel might be a better fit for me that I may have missed?

I'm not due till October and I usually get about 6-7mos without AF because of tandem nursing so I have a little time, but if I'm going to need to spend this kind of money I need to start planning for it soon. I'm posting this in several different rooms because I'm not really sure where my best bet of finding mommas who know about this specific item and topic might be. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of products, information, and claims out there when it comes to tracking ovulation and fertility. TIA for any thoughts and input.