I witnessed something my daughter did today that was so far out of character, I was shocked and wanted some input!

I just want to start by saying that she is 5 and has honestly never been aggressive (even in the slightest) to anyone, would never intentionally hurt someone. Our neighbours have an indoor cat (kitten) who often stands at their glass sliding door, looking outside. We see this cat through the glass and say hi to it all the time. My daughter is a HUGE animal lover, she loves all kinds of animals, insects, any creature really, just loves them! She didn't know I was watching her and she made these gestures to the kitten- first she scowled at it, then pointed at the cat like she was saying 'YOU!' then pointed to her mouth, her mouth open wide, as if she was going to eat it! Then rubbed her stomach like she was saying 'mmmm' THEN, did two thumbs up. (She's been doing that when she eats something she really likes) basically, she was taunting this cat, 'telling' it she was going to eat it. Obviously the cat had no idea, but my DD doesn't know that, I dont think?

If somebody told me they saw her do this, I wouldn't have believed them in a hundred years. Not her, she is too sweet and loves animals too much to do that, especially kittens!!! I asked her what she said to the kitten, and she was shocked that I noticed and said 'how did you see me do that?' and got very embarrassed. I really didn't know what to say to her?

I'm worried she has a mean streak?

Any thoughts? Would you be concerned if your child did this? Do you think I should bring it up again?