Hello everyone, hoping you all will be able to help.
Getting caught up in the moment I found myself having unprotected sex with my boyfriend a week before my period was due. Like normal I received my period on a Sunday but it was not how it usually occurs. Instead of being very heavy it was light and lasted 4days unlike my typical period of 7 days. Ending on weds I thought everything was fine until I woke up Saturday and vomited. After vomiting I experienced a terrible headache that continued for days. Waking up Monday I felt something in my underwear and it was brownish/burgundy looking blood. Which only a occurred for two hours at the most. Then Tuesday a Lil more showed up. By weds there was none of what I think could be implantation bleeding.. My breasts are very tender, my lower back throbs along with the cramping sensation around my ovaries and the power naps I feel like I am in need of. Am I pregnant?!