Let me start by saying I've never lost a baby so this is totally foreign territory to me and I'm feeling pretty lost.

I have a cousin that was pg with twin boys (her second pregnancy - one older DD). Apparently in January (at the BIG US) they found out one of the twins had a severe heart defect (among other unmentioned problems) and the drs offered to let her terminate just that twin at the time because they didn't think he would survive to delivery anyway. They decided not to and didn't tell anyone except their mothers that anything was wrong. Yesterday she was induced and delivered both babies alive. At first they both seemed fine, but after an US of their hearts it was confirmed that he did in fact have this problem with one of the valves in his heart. The dr told them there's nothing they can do - no medicine, no surgery, no anything medically available at all - and no record of any baby with this heart problem living. They said he might live 12 hours or he might live a week or more but eventually this WILL kill him. Most likely he'll just go to sleep and not wake up. They said you can't tell he's sick and the dr told them that this condition is sometimes missed and babies are sent home "healthy" only to die without warning and the condition is found in autopsy. Honestly I don't know which would be worse.

I'm not super close to them and only found out about all this from my mom who knows them much better. I just wondered if there's anything anyone could say or do for her or them that might help. It's breaking my heart to know she's been living with this for months and still has so much more to go through.