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Thread: Wtf!!!! I wanna scream!!

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    Default Wtf!!!! I wanna scream!!

    What is their so many MCs'?!? I hate this so f*cking bad!!! I am so, so tired of seeing everyone on this forum, who I care so much for, losing their dreams and hopes!! I hate this, I really, really do! So many **** people having babies and just don't even realize how wonderful they got it, drug addicts, scum bags with no money or means to raise a child. I want to turn up the radio and scream until I have no voice! What is wrong with the world?! So twisted, so messed up, I hate that we get punched and beaten but always have to get up and try again because our souls want to have a baby so **** bad that it doesn't know when to stop! There has been way, way too many losses around here lately and I have seen way too many people on my facebook that are pregnant and don't deserve it. Shame on the world, this is the world's mistake and screw up not mine, not this time!

    I love all you ladies and if I had the power I would wish all of us a H&H 9 months, none of this MC crap, it wouldn't exist. None of us should feel the pain and agony that we are all feeling. To some degree I think everyone of us are hurting right now because we are watching all friends and family within the APA community lose their LO's far, far too early in life. I say F U Bad world!! We will fight and we will win whether you like it or not.

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    Took the words right out of my mouth

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    Makes me cry hard isn't it...just not fair !!!! My heart is just breaking for all the amazing ladies here who didn't get to keep their LOs...I mean really, my heart physically *hurts*, my arms ache, and I wish with everything in me I could make it better for everyone .

    I don't understand it at all...praying ladies, especially as mother's day approaches...doesn't make it any easier .

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    These losses have been heartbreaking, I couldn't agree more

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    You said my thoughts exactly! It is so heartbreaking.
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