My last period was around the end of March, and I am due to start next week. My last period was different though, I was a day late to start and I always start right on time (normally the same time each day). The first day was pretty light (like pantyliner light) and the next day was heavier but not as heavy as normal (normal= 2-3 tampons and a pad This time= 1 tampon and a pad). The next two days were light.

The symptoms I have are:

-The day I should have started, I got mild cramps (which I never get) and they continued for about the next week and a half.

-For the past week and a half my boobs are tender and sore. I feel like my bras do not give enough support anymore, and I have considered going and buying the next cup size up because they are large and my veins are prominent.

-Yesterday I noticed my nipples are brownish. I have never really paid attention to them but I am almost positive they are normally pink/skin color.

-For about the past 5 days or so I am peeing like crazy. I have not increased my water intake but I go a lot. I normally go maybe 5 times a day and I am going at least 4 by lunchtime.


-Problems staying asleep

-Headaches (past 2 days)

-Feeling sick before bed (past 2 days)

-I have also been craving foods that I do not normally crave like salads, ice cream and slurpess.

-dizziness which is then followed by nausea

-Since a little before my last period when I lay in my stomach my lower abdomen feels like there is something in it, like there is something hard in there and hurts to lay on it.

I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning but it was negative. I feel like I am going crazy. For the past couple weeks I have just felt off, does that make sense? I just feel like something is different with my body and I cannot explain it.

I am on birth control but between feb and march I was pretty relaxed about taking it. Why? I have no idea I just was. I take it at the same exact time everyday and took it when I felt like it for that time.

Please help! Am I losing my mind?