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Thread: My experience with CYTOTEC to bring on my miscarriage, my body wouldn't let go on it's own.

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    Default My experience with CYTOTEC to bring on my miscarriage, my body wouldn't let go on it's own.

    I came here to share my personal exp. with this medication, this in no way is a professional opinion just my personal experience.

    So many of us suffer thru a MC, and some of us pass it normal , some have a DNC some opt for medication to help the process along when our bodies fail to recognize that our babies have died in utero.
    I was told on April 13th that my baby no longer had a HB, I followed up with a specialist on the 15th and it was confirmed my baby stopped at 6.5 and no HB. Let back up by saying that at 6.1 a HB was detected. That was on April 1st. So by now my baby's HB had been gone a while and even after that my body failed to start the whole process on it's own, I had lab's drawn and waited, after a few more days of nothing happening i decided that I would go ahead and take the med's to start the whole physical process of what my body failed to do, so on thursday April 18th the Doctor called in Cytotec, he informed me that it was an ULCER medication and that once I took them that it should go fairly quickly and I would experience cramping once it started, he also called in some Pain medication , Lortab. He also said I might experience some diarrhea with this med and i thought ok it doesn't sound that bad.
    I ate dinner, and took a shower got out some overnight maxi pads in preparation for what was about to happen.
    7:00 pm to 2 Cytotec pills that were 200 MCG each. There were 2 more to be taken 24 hours later( which I did NOT take). I know some have taken them vaginall as well as orally or just vaginal, my experience was to take 2 pills orally.
    9pm mild cramping started and I was advised that at the first sign of cramping to take the pain med's before it became seriously intense, so at 9 I took 1 Lortab, the bottle said 1-2 every 4-6 hours, I took 1 incase I needed to take more later and didn't want to be at my max and have to suffer thru a few more hours before taking more.
    By 10:30 I was in excruciating pain and I can tell you that I was past the point of cramping, what I was feeling was intense contractions. There is no other way to describe it, now I know every woman in her lifetime has experienced cramps, but not all may have had any exp. with what contractions feel like and certainly no male Dr. has experience with contractions nor menstrual cramps but to male Dr's the only way for them to advise us is to say oh you will experience cramping. So at 10:30 I took another pain med. at about 11:30 I had suffered thru more contractions that were hitting me every 1-2 minutes and lasting for about 45 seconds. I started spotting bright red but no actual flow. I also felt tired and sleepy and had some nausea to this I attributed to the 2nd pain med finally kicking, finally the intensity was slowing down enough for me to lay down and fall asleep. Again I believe it was the 2nd pain med that made that possible.

    At 1:26 a.m in the morning now it's (friday) I stood up with the feeling of having to pee and as I stood up I felt something slide down onto my pad so I slowly walked to the bathroom and slowy pulled my panities down and found that the clot was lodged in my opening and not actually sitting on my pad, so I grabbed a clean pad and some TP and wiped carefully and slowly so as to catch this clot and place it on the clean pad to make sure that this was actually it, in my heart I knew it was but I needed to be sure. I place the clot on the clean pad and sure enough I was looking at my babe, it was all in tact, clear sac, bean in place attached to a huge clot. Now I took pic's of it and I did that for other reasons which I can't get into now but something told me to just do it. Once I cleaned everything up and wrapped my baby in it's pad and placed in baggie to put in fridge to take to dr's office the next morning I suddenly got violently sick, and threw up, while I was heaving in the potty I felt something else slide down, and was like omg what now, so I flushed and stood up to sit back down and as soon as I sat a huge long clot slid out and fell into the toilet, fairly confident that I had passed my baby already I did not go in to retrieve it. I cleaned up and flushed and went to bed.
    The next morning I spoke with Dr's office and they had me bring baby in to send off to make sure that I had indeed passed everything and to do lab's for my HCG level monitoring to make sure they are dropping.
    I can't tell you what it's like to still feel pregnant at this time and yet know that you're not, now Friday passed with sporadic contractions very mild and very light bleeding more like spotting, I still felt beaten up pretty bad and groggy but nothing like the early morning hours, Saturday passed much like Friday afternoon had, but the bleeding picked up to more like a light flow. During the night and in my sleep started getting more intense cramping and finally I got up on Sunday morning with more of the contractions, I thought okay maybe I just need to go potty and so I did, no relief then it got more and more painful and these pains were coming every 3-4 minutes with severe intensity that it would stop me dead in my tracks or mid sentence, I got to the point where I threw up again and broke out in chills and hot flashes at the same time, I took 3 tylenol and waited all the while contracting, I finally called my OB's office and got an immediate call back, I explained what was happening that I was scared, and in pain and felt something was seriously wrong, it was then explained to me that now that I had started the whole process and even tho the pills were out of my system that my body was now doing on it's own what it failed to do before and that it was my body's way of getting rid of any remaining debris. The vomiting was my body's reaction to the pain I was experiencing. I was told to take the Lortab and then 2 hours later take the IBUProfen and it would be safe, Well since I took the 3 tylenol I was leary of taking the Lortab so I took 3 IBUProfen and laid in bed, at 3:21 I felt this urge to push something but what I didn't know, so I went to the bathroom and peed and nothing happened so I wiped and just as I dropped the tp in the toilet, another clot but none like I had ever seen before slid out and landed right on the tp I had just dropped so it didn't slide down into the bottom of the bowl, I panicked, so I jumped up and my Dh came in and looked, I told him not to flush and I grabbed some gloves and pulled it out took pic's so I could show my Dr. when I go back in for lab's. It appeared to be more of what looked to be the placenta, with more clear plastic film on it and then then attached to a hideously dark black clot. Amazingly enough the contractions subsided to every couple of hours. The advil seriously helped and I stayed on it the remainder of the day. I am having a light flow at this point and feeling like my uterus has been beat to h*ll. Now I also had the pregnancy cyst and it was on my right side, so now the contractions eased up only for my right ovary to start pulsating and throbbing, so I imagine my body is trying to figure out what to do with that.
    It is now monday April 22nd and I am on day 4/5 of this process and I have mild cramping lower back pain and my right side still throbbing. I can't share any more of my experience obviously until the process finishes which I am told can take up to 2 weeks or more. I hope others who have any experience with this medication will share what they went thru, and maybe what to expect, I also hope that those who have had a DNC can share their exp. with that, I know that many women face a loss in early pregnancy or even 2nd and 3rd trimester loss, and don't know what to expect when presented with options, I know that everyone is different in what they go thru and which options they choose, but I felt that sometimes there is not enough info out there in personal experiences unless we all share so that we can as woman mentally prepare ourselves for what's to come. What sounds normal and what is not, or what we perceive as normal. I am so sorry that I have to even post here or any woman who has or may have to because the loss of a child. I rather be on the sidelines saying oh I have no clue I've never suffered a loss, as i'm sure so many of us would love to be able to say, and in a perfect world that would be true. Please share with us if you feel you can so that we may help others not knowing what to do, how to decide what is best for them, or comfort them while they go thru the process and know that something they may be experiencing or feeling is within the norm. I can't tell you how petrified I was on the first night and how much more so I was on Sunday morning when i didn't know that my body wasn't done.

    ** If you made it thru all this I appreciate it and if you decide to post your story I am grateful to you as I know so many more others will be. For the record until my body finishes doing what's got to do I still have not decided which of the 2 is the lesser evil, DNC or Cytotec as I have had both, I chose to post with this particular one first because it was still fresh in my head and I didn't want to leave anything out. Not that any of us forget a loss and the trauma of it all but this one is more recent for me. to all of you
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