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    So I post about a week ago I was close to being 2 weeks late or a week, well on 4/19 I had something wierd happen, I dont know if it was my period or not but I had a brown discharge rather then a normal period start, (Sorry TMI) and it lasted a few hours then stoped for a day, did it again and is now just done i believe. I dont know what that was. Was it considered my period? usually my periods are a week long. Im trying to start keeping track and trying to chart, but i dont know when to start with what just happened. Has this happened to anyone else? Any Thoughts? Any help would be appreciated! ~Good Luck to all those TTC, Baby Dust to you ALL~

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    I would test again if I were you. Brown bleeding is pretty normal in early pregnancy but not normal for your period especially since it only did it for a short time.

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    Did you happen test prior to this bleeding? That does sound usual and I'm with Rach on testing. Our bodies do crazy things sometimes!
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    I agree with pp. Test again. If not it may be breakthrough bleed on a skipped af. I would count as cd 1 if you get bfn. But thats just me.
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